Friday, June 24, 2011

5&10 Point Stars

Minbar, Alâeddin Mosque,  Konya, Turkey


  1. Salam Caglar,

    Your work is impressive Mashallah.

    I am having a hard time inputting the expression for the the first F(x) Parameter [ sqrt((...... )*^.5], I wrote it the exact way you had it, and placed in the expression editor, but it's not reading the expression. Is there anything I am doing wrong? Secondly, what is your second to last parameter, the one the one that has a slider but has a series within in it, and it's connecting to the last Cull parameters.

    Thank You

  2. Salam Sam,
    Thank you Mashallah :)
    1. Change the first expression with this simpler one: (x/2)/(2*sin(36°))
    2. They are path mapper components and are related with data tree management. You should be writing what you see in the diagram to source and target inputs.

    1. Thank You so Much!

      You seriously have a gift of implementing analog methods of geometric generation and digital geometric/parametric generation; I really do hope you go far with your talents! - Inshallah